PAPAJI – realization in my daily life

papaji ramana maharshiPAPAJI – realization in my daily life

Extract of Papaji’s stay at RAMANA MAHARSHI ASHRAM 

In the first few months after my realization,I didn’t have a single thought. I could go to the office and oerform all my duties without having a single thougt in my head. It was the same when I went to Tiruvannamalai.wether I was sitting in the hall with the Maharshi, walking around the mountain or shopping in town, everything I did was performed without any mental activity at all. There was an ocean of inner silence that never gave rise to even a ripple of thought. It didn’t take me long to realise that a mind and thoughts are not necessary to function in the world. When one abides as the Self, some divine power takes charge of one ´s life. All actions then take place spontaneously, and are performed very efficiently without any mental effort or activity.
After this intense experience , my 7 years old daughter fell in love with the Maharshi and became attached to his form . Before we left she told him  » you are my father, Î ´m not going back to Madras. I will stay here with you « 
After this profoud impact on her life, if anyone asked her : » What happened that day when you were in trance in front of the Maharshi? »her response is always the same. She just starts crying. She had never been able to describe or explain what exactly happened.

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